Monday, October 15, 2012

The Kettlebell Beast Recap

Just wrapped up the second year at the Kettlebell Beast at the Durham Fairgrounds in Connecticut. I'm a relative outsider to this group of kettlebell enthusiasts, as my focus is primarily CrossFit and OLY lifting up to this point. Despite my lack of know-how with the bells, this kind group pats me on the head and politely corrects me if I get a term wrong or get carried away and issue a time "warning". We do that in a CrossFit metcon, but I learned that a "warning" wasn't exactly appropriate. Oopsie hee hee.

The day got started not-so-brightly but certainly early on Saturday by loading the car with mats and bells in the frosty air. My workout for the day was quite primal, as it really just consisted of walking around carrying heavy or awkward objects. Mats, bells, benches, tables. At least I had started the day right with hot buttered coffee! (om nom nom nom)

This year the Powerlifters' event was next to us with the OLY lifting not too far away either. Throughout the day I could just glance over to see what was happening at each event. The guy benching 500#, the woman doing 176 kettlebell snatches in her set and achieving a new rank of Master of Sport, the woman hitting 171 on her clean and jerk. Overall, it was an awesome show of skill, strength and endurance!

Despite the cold, everyone remained in good spirits and turned out some great performances. I'm thankful for the kindness of the athletes: the powerlifter that succinctly answered my newb bench press questions, the kettlebell instructor that showed me how to practically plaster-cast the handle with chalk. Thank you everyone, because I had a great time mingling and learning!

If you've never done a kettlebell competition, but are interested, then let me recommend this one. Everyone's supportive, helpful and want to see the others succeed! Stay in contact with The Kettlebell Beast next year by writing to Also you can keep an eye on The Beast of The East updates online or on Facebook.

With fittest intentions,

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