Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm "That Girl" Yet Again!

(*these are not my actual confused baristas)
I spend a good amount of time at my local Starbucks doing work (and writing to you) in between classes, and am most thankful to Starbucks for their hospitality. I am here often enough to now know certain people and what to expect from them (as my Facebook status updates regarding the "smoking penis" can attest to). So I wondered today if the roles are reversed: do people here know me and know what to/what not to expect from me?

Ha, I don't think so.

If you've been following along at home, I recently discovered the joys of buttered coffee. Yes, i discovered that adding a tablespoon of my smooth and creamy Organic Valley pastured butter to my morning coffee practically GUARANTEED a fantastic day. It's astounding ;) I love having good days, so I naturally got to wondering what would my friendly neighborhood Starbucks barista do if I asked for butter with my coffee?

Me: "Hi there! I'd like a grande Komodo please. Also, can you tell me if I ordered a bagel with butter, do you butter the bagel for me or would you give me a couple packets of butter?"

Barista: blank stare

Me: patient stare back

Barista: "Um. Like, to put butter on the bagel?"

Me: ...

Barista: "Oh, well I...I don't think we can do it for you because of sanitation rules."

Me: "haha don't worry I'm not asking you to put it on for me. I just want to know if you have individually wrapped packets of butter."

Barista: "haha, oh okay. Yes, we give you individually wrapped pieces of butter."

Me: "Great! Can I have a couple packets, please?"

Barista: "Sure, what kind of bagel do you want?"

Me: "No bagel, just the coffee and the butter please."

Barista: ".......okay."

As I stood there dropping the butter pats into my coffee this is what was happening across the counter...

Yea, I'm pretty sure I'm just another perfectly normal regular that is known for her keen fashion sense and winning personality!

It kind of feels good to be "that girl" again.


With fittest intentions,


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