Saturday, June 16, 2012

AMRAP Surya Namaskar!

Do you know what this Wednesday, June 20th is? It's the first day of Summer! What are you doing to celebrate?

Some folks' usual celebration may be a little dampened because it falls this year right in the middle of the work week. Lucky us, there's a time honored yogic tradition to help us usher in the new season that can be done after/before work.


108 Rounds
Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

Each Salutation sequence consists of 9 individual movements; each movement linked to the next by your steady breath. Unlike your usual CrossFit WOD, this is not done necessarily for time. You may stop and pee, drink water if we get to do it outside (which you would be encouraged to do in this case), or simply stop, sit and observe your breath if you are moved to do that at any time.

(I called this post AMRAP because I've heard tell that this can take awhile to accomplish and I would understand if someone needs to throw in the yoga mat in order to go home & feed the offspring.)

What's exciting to me is that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of yogis worldwide will be engaging in this practice. I love that feeling of comraderie with people that I will never meet nor ever directly know of. Kind of like doing the CrossFit Open...kind of. Anyway, I love the idea that thousands of people, meditating on gratitude and peace simultaneously, could positively alter the worldwide consciousness, even if just temporarily. Will people just happen to find themselves happier on Wednesday simply because of this? It's possible, I mean, "a butterfly flaps it's wings," right?

I myself have never done this before, and like a good Hero WOD I'm a little interested to know how this'll feel. I know I can stick it out for all 108, but what will I experience along the way? I know I can do all 108 pushups, but will I get dizzy? Find a fluid rhythm? Get aggravated? Get giddy? Get teased for doing this in the parking lot of our box? I actually kind of expect all of these to occur at some point, but that's what makes it fun!

I will welcome anyone who is interested in welcoming in the new season with 108 (or as many as you feel inspired to do) Surya Namaskar to join me.

When: Wednesday June 20th, 5:00pm (is when I'm starting anyway)
Where: CrossFit 203, outside ideally :)

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