Monday, July 16, 2012

Time Sure Flies...

Holy crap, did you see that?! It's summer FLYING by! It seems funny that i spend time each day trying to be more "present" and to live in the now, then I go and lose whole months. Like June...what happened to June?

Lord knows I haven't been slacking or wasting my days. I've finished writing my book. I've got the whole next month of my workouts programmed (gonna get crazy strong..LOOK out), I'm organizing my Personal Training business so it can take off, and I've researched numerous continuing education opportunities. So where does the time go?

Have you ever felt a time warp? Like when you're holding a side plank for time and you just know the coach is about to call "30 seconds left" but you hear "10 seconds in" instead. AAaargh! Or like when you're having a great time hiking with friends and six hours fly by but feel like ages all at the same time. How does it morph like that?

There's the concept that time is an illusion and it expands and contracts based on your perception. Yogis use meditation to find a place where time stands still. Not so good for your workouts (ack, the never ending WOD!) but very useful if you're trying to appreciate the present moment. I'm not sure entirely but I'd imagine that achieving that would feel a lot like being a stone in the middle of the river. You're still and silent, not frozen in time, but moving and changing ever so slowly in relation to the river that's rushing all around you. Life, light, water, storms, days, nights, seasons all pass over. But there you stand, marked by the passage of time, but not swept away by it.

Do you ever meditate? What about during your workout or during yoga or dance? If I meditate and slow time, I notice that I come out of it feeling like I'd been meditating for so long that someone is sure to have noticed my absence! Then I find out its only been 30-45 minutes. I get a similar sensation during certain workouts, where I'm focused and SO sure I've been working for 20minutes and I check the clock (remember workouts are timed for us CrossFitters) and it says Ive only been at it for 6:37...yoysh!!

I for one would like a study done to compare meditating brains and WODing brains. I'm curious :) Someone out there. Make it happen!

Thanks :)

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