Monday, November 26, 2012

4 Steps to Damage Control

Did your Thanksgiving meal fall along the lines of "Not Exactly Paleo"? Oops. Now what?!

Thankfully, doing damage control when you eat Paleo is SO easy! Typically, a holiday meal weekend is very heavy in the carbohydrate department. The easiest way to get back to feeling like yourself is to regain your Paleo diet as soon as is humanly possible!

  1. Drink water. Wine, coffee, beer, amaretto sours, eggnog etc are not exactly Paleo and aren't exactly hydrating. Drop the liquid carbs and get back to purity.
  2. Increase your fat intake again. If you eat Paleo regularly, you are accustomed to eating higher amounts of fat than of carbohydrates. This pattern was switched during your holiday dinner (most likely); mashed potatoes or yams, alcohol, cookies, pies, and even Paleo baked goods are higher in carbs! This week get back to eating green veggies, quality meats and quality fats. Get back to normal!
  3. Drop the idea that you need to do a carb taper. I've heard this before, the idea that you should gradually get back into strict Paleo. This is a thinly veiled excuse to finish off the cookies. Just go cold turkey and do yourself a favor! Respect your body and your blood sugar, they SO want to return to normal!
  4. Exercise, but don't go crazy. They key word, have you noticed, is "normal"! Get back to normal with your routine this week. If you ate poorly this weekend then your body is likely fighting off a good amount of inflammation. Quiz: Do you think beating the ever loving out of yourself will improve or prolong the body's healing process? (Answer: prolong)
So you treated your tastebuds well this weekend, now give the rest of your body a treat and do what you can to help it heal! With fittest intentions,


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