Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Walk/ Run, Go As You Will!

As much as I love Olympic lifting and Metcons, there is always room in my week for a good walk. One friend of mine constantly gives me shit about walking, "what, are you 80 now?" No matter how much crap I get about walking "not being enough exercise" I'm going to keep on. Why?

What the heck makes you think that walking isn't good for me? What the heck makes you think that I think walking will improve my deadlift? Seriously folks, don't I get a little credit? I don't feel the need to hit-it-hard or not at all. Walking makes me happy and that's the best thing about it. Too much digital simulation at work and my eyes get all freaky and I start getting palpitations. My remedy is to go get into the woods. Walk, run, walk some, run some, it doesn't matter. I just plot a course and then follow my feet, however fast they go.

I also take pictures along the way, so really I CAN'T run the whole way without missing some great things like this little guy:

I went for a walk this passed Saturday after my brother rejected my oh-so-kind invitation with, "are you freaking nuts? I don't want to even sit on the porch for five minutes let alone go walk!" He's delicate. Or sane, however you want to look at it. Any way, I had a lovely time! I chose a four mile round-trip tree-shaded trail. Although it began as a walk, i ended up running nearly the whole way which, for anyone that knows me, is pretty amazing. I just felt so good (insert cliché Forrest Gump reference here)!


Pretend, though almost real, Post-Run Text Convo

Anti-walking friend, "How long did it take you?"

Me, "I don't know, less than two hours...ish ish."

Anti-walking friend, "siiiiiiigh."

Me, "Really?! How long have you known me? I just like to go hug the trees."

Anti-walking friend, "I can't believe I talk to you."

Me, "Go stuff your siiiiigh."


So go walk if you like. Or jog. Do what makes you happy, there's something beneficial to that I hear ;)

~ michelle


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