Sunday, January 8, 2012

As You Rise...

Maybe I will lose all credability when I quote Taylor Swift in a minute, but one of her lyrics makes alot of sense! If you have ever found people in your life trying to sabotage your New Year's Resolutions or workout or eating plan then this will make sense to you.

"People throw rocks at things that shine."

One day you looked inside yourself and you said, "you know what? I'm better than this. I'm not happy and I want to follow my heart." That gives you empowerment, so you go workout or you go grocery shopping and bring home better foods. Whatever it is, you're empowered to make changes. So your life starts to swing UP and your internal light starts to shine brighter and steadier. Like all good things though, you have to work for the results that you want. In this case, the success is IN the journey instead of being placed like a pot of gold at the end.  Your upswing requires time, effort, patience and oftentimes help from others.

Here's where a problem may worm it's way in. Some people out there are threatened by those who are empowered. If you find yourself glowing with positivity and striving for a better life it is akin to holding a mirror up to those who are NOT doing either of those. Suddenly they see that YOU have the courage to follow your heart. YOU have the courage to take on life and do what is required to achieve your dreams. So everytime they see you glow, it's a stinging reminder that they haven't yet begun their journey to Happy. Some people are not in the right place emotionally to begin their own journey let alone to be strong enough to be your support. Anger is easier. When you follow your heart and your dreams, I believe that you are living a true life. Regardless of any momentary hardships, staying your true life path will sustain you. You cannot fall back into negative patterns, you cannot fail.

Haven't you heard that faith can move mountains? Here's something for you to ponder:
"So you can walk on water? You are no better than a twig floating on a puddle.
You can fly through the air? You are no better than this gnat buzzing around my head.
Master your own heart then maybe you can be somebody." Arabic wisdom from 500BC
"When you lose, don’t lose the lesson
Remember that not getting what you want in life can be a wonderful stroke of luck
Judge your success by what you had to give in order to get it
Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon ." Dalai Lama 
If you choose to eat more healthfully, do it! Don't let a spouse or child convince you NOT to do what is right for you! If you need to get to the gym four days a week, then do not let anyone convince you that you are wasting your time or that you are being selfish. Being a better person yourself will only make your relationships better! Some people will throw rocks at those who choose to shine. Your job is to go out there and shine!