Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meet me at the whiteboard...

As CrossFitters, we identify ourselves with killer WODs. We want it faster. We want it heavier. We kind of want some blood and sweat of ours on the floor when we're done. So when it comes to stretching which is NOT fast, it is NOT heavy and it will NOT make us bleed, we turn our noses up.
"Pssh. Stretching, whatever," we say, once we can catch our breath.

So, did you just do a 20 min AMRAP? Did you hit a Fran PR? Maybe you worked your Back Squat.
Whatever you did I'm sure you left it all out there and you will certainly feel it tomorrow! So now you're probably focused on trying to catch your breath and getting your post-WOD drink together.

But post-WOD we are perfectly primed to work on our flexibility...we are well beyond warmed up!
So let me recommend you drop and do a short yoga routine!

WHY? Doing some dynamic stretches immediately following your WOD will:
1) remind you to get it done!
2) develop your ability to move more freely by increasing flexibility and range of motion (are your squats a little shallow or your overhead squats not so upright?)
3) cool your body down properly before you jump in the car and head to work/home!
4) decrease muscle soreness & tightness; flush the lactic acid that has accumulated during the WOD out of the muscles by lengthening each muscle fiber back out!

I've also heard it said that you can increase your strength by stretching the muscles just used. The theory there is that the longer the muscle, the greater the distance over which you'll be able to move a weight thereby increasing power. Remember: Power = Force x Distance / Time.
So if the promise of greater Power doesn't entice you to stretch post-WOD I don't know what will!

Does this sound a little froufrou for you? Suck it up buttercup and hit that Downward Dog pose like you mean it. Your "Nancy" time will thank you.


  1. Very true! I've gotten out of the habit, but when I was in tip top form, I was NUTS about stretching! In fact, I've been teased that my stretching took as long or longer than the WOD! ;) Thanks for the reminder lady! I'll renew my love of post workout stretching! :) ~Marsha

  2. Thanks Marsha! Oh I've been teased about my lengthy "stretch WODs" too!!

  3. Agreed! Great time to yoga stretch.