Friday, July 22, 2011

Kitchen Yoga

I was doing dishes last night in my kitchen sink & realized I was rushing. I was hunching over all crooked and rushed and it felt awful. How often do I catch myself rushing and feeling panicked about something TRIVIAL? Alot. I even catch myself tapping my fingers on the desk before an email opens. I'm aware that I can't help how long that takes (unlike doing Fran) and I know shouldn't really allow myself to be stressed by it, but I do.

So I had to change my brain. I wasn't in the moment at all. I took a deep breath and accepted that my current task, the ONLY one I could do anything about at that right then was washing the dishes. My heart rate started to come down at once. Does this ever happen to you too? I chose to make the most of it by adding in some yoga.

Kitchen Yoga

Standing at your counter or sink engage your feet and start thinking about mountain pose (tadasana). Stand with your feet parallel and about hip width apart for stability while doing the dishes or chopping vegetables. ** Press all 4 corners of each foot into the kitchen floor. Feel that and breathe a moment.
** Lengthen the back of your ankle (achilles) and press your weight through your heal, not allowing 
     your toes to come up at all.
** Focus now on tightening your quads (muscles in the front of your legs & above your knees).
** Relax your glutes.
** Tighten your abs without hindering your ability to breathe. Draw your belly button down into your pelvis.
** Keep taking full breaths. Now you are tight and strong, active and balanced through your lower body like a mountain. Maintain a steady breath and focus on the task at hand until it is done.

My lesson (that I am constantly re-learning) was to BE in the moment. Be 100% in this current moment and do what you are doing with your full attention. Nothing less will suffice :)

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