Friday, February 24, 2012

Bakin' and Burpees Baby!

Okay, okay, I'm kind of kidding. I think alot of us like to bitch and moan over burpees, but we don't actually hate burpees. That being said, however, they're not exactly groovy after doing them steady and fast for 7minutes (thanks HQ xoxo).

I did the CrossFit Open WOD on the morning after the workout was announced (7min AMRAP of Burpees to a target in case you missed it). My friend and I went back and forth about who was going to do it first (you, no you, no I insist you!). I "won", went first and did a miserable job of keeping the aftermath to a minimum (I haven't been that close to crying from a workout in a loooooooong time).
Even though the worst part of it is minute 7 to 8, when you've stopped moving and everything tightens up, it wasn't bad enough to keep me from wanting to try doing it again on Saturday.

This brought me to thinking, we CrossFitters are SO fun! Typically Friday night is thought of as a "let loose" from the work week night. Hey, go grab your friends! Let's drink and stay out late because we can sleep in tomorrow! Let's be irresponsible because we've been UBER responsible all week at the office! CrossFitter's fridays don't look like that, especially during the Open. Tonight I'm getting dinner early (5pm kinda early) with a friend. There will be no booze. We will probably go to the grocery store together, because we are WILD WOMEN! and I'm going to get almond flour, figs and honey because I am going to see if I can make a Paleo-ish approximation of Fig Newtons! Our box typically holds a post-WOD potluck barbecue and I thought Fig newtons would be a fantastic food to indulge in after those bazillion (hopefully) burpees.

My goal for this weekend is to add 7 burpees to my score and to revel in newly developed Figgy thingies (fun name to be developed whilst mixing, rolling, baking). Saturday night I shall again go to bed early so I can recover! Oh yes, we CrossFitters are SO fun! It's just that our fun is another (wo)man's torture and usually happens during daylight hours.

For this weekend, bakin' and burpees for all!
(Yes, of course I will share the recipe with you all...IF and only if it is decent!)

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  1. We have discussed making a t shirt with "Burpees Are Bitches".